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I have been involved in different projects from bands to solo projects, vocals and music for puppet theatre, You can find my music on most platforms and I have posted some music and videos here.

Latest Release

Single “I Tried With Coffee” with The Sleeping Man Project:

Sleeping Man

EP 2018 Wild Mood Records

I made songs, played and arranged them for my solo project in my home studio and recorded The EP Sleeping Man (2018 Wild Mood Records) with help from bass-player and producer Morten Dalhoff and the lovely voices of Nina Larsen Saarnak, Maria Himmelstrup Albeck and Charlotte Rennebær. Produced by Morten and me.

It received very flattering reviews in DK and Germany. The single Eyes set on the sun was recommended on the Danish  music site “Karierrekanonen”.

It´s  a movement of love against the mantra of economic growth towards unity, humanity, spirituality, and the wish of leaving a much better world for the next generations.

…the Sleeping Man EP; an accomplished, tightly written record which shows off all the skill Dahn has gleaned throughout his storied career..  –

Eyes set on the sun – Youtube

Latest Project

The Sleeping Man Duo

Jakob Dahn & Sara Saxild

Info on our next concert

More music on Spotify and Soundcloud

Solo and with Bands

I play solo concerts in clubs and in living rooms at the moment and with The Sleeping Man Duo as well as the band “The Sleeping Man Project”. I have played solo concerts the past years in DK, Sweden, Germany and New York. Some years ago I toured and released albums with rock bands .

Nothing of This is Real – Did We Kill You Dear?

Jakob Dahn & Morten Dalhoff

Wild Mood Records 2015

Songs made in collaboration with musician and old time friend Morten Dalhoff.

We released an EP and an album. From folky songs to rock´n´roll.

“This is an album crammed full of more good tunes than some bands will offer over 10 years. ..” (Nordic Music review 8/10)

Listen to the album here

Now I see – Youtube

SKYWRITER – Where both worlds never meet

In 2000 I moved back to the beautiful city of Copenhagen and started a new band called Jakob Dahn, then was called Dahn and the Skywriter with three great guys.

We released the album “Where Both Worlds Never Meet” (Wild Mood Records/Iceberg Records/) in 2006 in Denmark and then later in Germany (Iceberg Records/PIAS), – that how you did it in those days.

The songs were produced by Swedish wizard Mattias Glavå and it was fun to make it and expensive.  The lovely Swedish singer Anna Järvinen made beautiful vocals on two tracks from her bedroom in Stockholm. Then we released the single “Craving Utopia.” We played lot´s of concerts in DK and had a lot of fun on German autobahns as well.

“Lead vocalist Jakob Dahn sounds like a dusty union between Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen – a Danish version of Morrissey (shutter).” – Lowcut Magazine (5/6)

Stilen og stemningen er rigeligt til at placere Skywriter blandt de mere interessante nye danske rocknavne. –  (4/6)

Listen to the album here

Craving Utopia – Youtube

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