I am a Danish singer/songwriter and guitar-player. I have been touring on autobahns, sleeping in Swedish music studios and releasing albums in Denmark and Germany with rock bands like Skywriter and the duo Nothing of this is Real trying to write songs that get under your skin and receiving airplay on Danish and German national radio stations.

I released the solo-EP Sleeping Man on Wild Mood Records in 2018 which received great reviews in Denmark and Germany.

The single Eyes set on the Sun was recommended on the Danish National Radio site “Karrierekanonen”.

It´s the sound of indie crooner rock with a 60´s soul-vibe, lots of guitars, hooks, keys and song lines supported with a womens choir.

I have been playing solo concerts in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and New York creating a very intimate atmosphere, The concerts are dynamic and intense with ballads and uptempo songs, and the music and lyrics walk in hand in hand with Cohen, Nick Cave, The National and Bowie – perhaps with a brighter view. The lyrics tell stories of life and love, – sometimes with a political edge. And I love to involve the audience at my concerts.

The whole project is a movement of love against the mantras of economic growth, big egos, and isolation towards unity, humanity, spirituality, and the wish of leaving a much better world for the next generations.

Some time ago I made script and music for Svalegangens Puppet Theatre and I transformed into Syd Barret and Peter Gabriel in the recordings for some puppet theatre shows. Hard to explain, but it was fun. I am writing short stories in Danish as well.

New songs under the name The Sleeping Man Project will be recorded in autumn 2020 with producer Sebastian Munk Autzen and a little help from my friends.

Und diese stellen die herrlich düstere Stimme von Jakob Dahn in den Vordergrund – aber immer begleitet von kraftvollen Gitarren und spannenden Hooks. – Bleistiftrocker.de

…the Sleeping Man EP; an accomplished, tightly written record which shows off all the skill Dahn has gleaned throughout his storied career..  – Musicisking.com

“Jakob Dahn, he of the Leonard Cohen/Nick Cave/Morrissey-esque pipes and otherwise ruthless charms…” – Parasol Records

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